will PR folks be more ethical or just pretend to be more ethical?

The new ethical code of values includes such things as advocacy, honesty, expertise, independence, loyalty, fairness and other mentioned on the PRSA site. Many of these values are the exact opposite of what most would use to describe public relations. If asked to describe the industry, most may use words of deceit and manipulation or some close synonym. A change of rules may be greeted with gritting teeth and rolled eyes. No one particularly enjoys being told what to do, especially when you are set in your ways and now have to change all that because a new set of regulations came out.

It is hard for me to believe the PR industry will comply with these new regulations. With the same objectives and goals as before I think it would be very naive to think that they will change their methodology. The new regulations are very vague and do not offer any real guidelines but rather more of suggestions. I try to put myself in the position the PR industry is in and I doubt I would change anything in the process I usually use. Unless strict guidelines are enforced the industry will just shrug at this and continue going forward. While these have the best interest of the consumers in mind most PR professionals are more concerned with making the client happy, regardless of outcome. PR professionals have an increasingly difficult job of meeting goals set by clients, getting the response wanted from consumers, while still doing right by them and following a set of regulations. I think without any enforcement we are unlikely to see major changes in the industry as a whole.



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