Volkswagen, the well known german engineering company was sued by the Federal Trade Commission earlier this year. Volkswagen had launched a campaign about “Clean Diesel” and promoting their vehicles but they were sued for false advertising. In 2015 Volkswagen was exposed for somehow managing to cheat emissions testing on their vehicles. This hurt the brands credibility as well as sales and besides the potential $61 billion they may have to pay for violating the Clean Air Act, they may also be charged with additional fines from the FTC. In late of 2015 the CEO of the brand came out with an apology for “broken trust“. They received severe backlash from their audience and many were unsure if VW would even be sold in the United States after such a scandal. They company stopped selling their vehicles during this scandal and gave little information of what to expect in the future. Besides the apology,  and after a through social media analysis of the brands pages I saw no obvious efforts of image restoration. The brand did not have much about their diesel cars listed on their sites but rather showcased their sporty models with racing bikes and cars. In February of 2016 they did a #EuroTripper showcasing their vintage VW iconic wagons. This seemed to be a large hit with their audience and created positive conversation about the brand.


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